Minnesota man contracts 'rat lungworm' in Hawaii

A man visiting the islands to learn about organic farming ended up contracting a nasty disease that left him in tremendous pain and having to learn how to walk all over again. WCCO says "rat lungworm disease" is extremely rare and very few people, even on the islands, know it exists. But the consequences are serious.

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Minnesotan catches 379-pound fish ... in Hawaii

Craig Patterson says he was able to land the big marlin in about half an hour, but only with help. When it broke the surface, the ship's captain shot it three times with a Magnum, but the fish kept fighting. Once it was on deck, a baseball bat was used to finish off the marlin.

Disease-carrying ticks moving deeper into Northland

Experts tell the Duluth News-Tribune it used to be rare to catch a tick-borne illness such as Lyme disease north of Duluth, “but now it’s a fairly routine thing.” The Associated Press takes a look at a new map showing Lyme disease risk areas, and a video from Howcast can help you recognize the symptoms of Lyme disease, which, if caught early, often doesn't turn into a debilitating illness.