Minnesota man in flap with neighbors as barn wedding trend grows

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A Grant, Minnesota, barn owner responding to the growing trend of barn weddings says his neighbors are unhappy with the non-traditional spot he rents out for couples' nuptials.

Scott Jordan, who owns 50 acres in Grant, says he spent more than $300,000 to restore a barn in the city east of St. Paul, and charges $4,800 per event, the New York Times reports. But with the celebrations of newlyweds has come protests by neighbors, who have even threatened to sue over the facility.

Jordan, 53, tells the Times he installed fire doors, handicapped-accessible parking spaces and a modern septic system to appease his neighbors, but it wasn't enough.

One of Jordan's neighbors, Tom Windisch, tells the Times he was shocked to find out that running wedding venues in the countryside was legal.

“We moved out here for the rural nature, the quiet aspects of it, the open space,” Windisch tells the newspaper. “So do I want a band cranking music out of that building several times a week? No, I do not. Anybody would have reacted the way we did.”

The Pioneer Press says the city of Grant ended up amending an ordinance that allowed Jordan to host weddings in his barn.

"It's another avenue for large landowners to make a few bucks off their property – that's what farming is, right?" Carr told the newspaper.

Grant isn't the only place that holds barn weddings. The blog Rustic Bride lists venues for barn weddings, also known as rustic weddings, in the state.

Agri News reported on the increasing popularity of barn weddings, focusing on a barn in Columbus, Indiana, that was restored 10 years ago by the Bartholomew County Historical Society. Today, the society's public relations manager says she gets about three calls a day about the facility, which is booked from April through November.

“Barn weddings have that classic, old-time feel. You’re with your family," Kellie Todd tells Agri News. "You’re out on the farm. You’re in the barn or you can get married in the meadow. You can have a classic celebration. It looks fantastic.”

Photos of various barn weddings can be found on the social media site Pinterest.

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