Minnesota man will attempt to climb Canada's third-highest mountain

If successful, he'll be the first person ever to summit Mt. Lucania in the winter.

If anyone was made for this mission, it's a Minnesotan.

Lonnie Dupre, the experienced mountaineer from Grand Marais, is attempting to climb a remote mountain in northwest Canada called Mt. Lucania. The 17,146-foot peak is located deep in the Yukon's Kluane National Park, and is the third-highest mountain in the nation.

If he is successful, Dupre and his Canadian climbing partner will become the first people to ever summit Mt. Lucania during the winter. It's possible Dupre's teammate, Pascale Marceau, could also become the first woman to summit a subarctic, high altitude mountain in the winter. 

The details of the journey are outlined in Dupre's blog. It says the pair can expect a brutal climb, to include minus 50 degree temperatures, gale force winds, limited daylight, and multi-day storms.

"The attempt at Mt. Lucania's first winter ascent will be a test of human will, mountaineering skills, and years of polar exploration experience," the blog post says.

Dupre is suited for the part – he was the first to make a solo winter ascent of Alaska's Mount Denali, his website says, and made an alpine ascent (basically the most badass, classic form of climbing, where climbers use the bare minimum of technical gear) of the 20,295-foot Kyajo Ri in Nepal.

Exploration is in his genes. Dupre is descended on his mother's side from Jacques Cartier, the French explorer and founder of Quebec. 

Weather permitting, Dupre and Marceau hope to fly into the St. Elias Mountain range the second week of January, carrying everything they need to stay alive for 25 days.

"We aim to experience this area at a time of year when no one else has," Dupre's blog says. "Through captivating imagery and storytelling, our goal is to inspire others to follow their own dreams of adventure and to gain an appreciation for Canada's wild places."

You can find Dupre's blog here, or follow him on Facebook.

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