Minnesota man wounded in Las Vegas festival shooting leaves the hospital

His recovery isn't over yet, however.

Minnesota native Philip Aurich is out of the hospital and recovering at home, more than two weeks after he was shot in the Las Vegas massacre

The Concordia Academy graduate was one of more than 500 people injured in the shooting, which happened Sunday, Oct. 1, and left 59 people (including the attacker) dead. 

On Monday evening, Aurich's sister-in-law posted this Facebook update announcing he'd been released from the hospital:

Though he's out of the woods and back home, his fight isn't over yet. 

As the post says, he still has a surgical drain (which allows pus, blood, and other fluids to leave a wound) attached, and will be getting house calls from nurses for a while.

According to WCCO there's still a bullet "lodged in his left lung," and he also lost parts of his spleen and colon. Aurich, who the station says is from St. Paul, lives and works in the Vegas area and has two young kids. 

Aurich was not the only Minnesotan shot during the attack.

Steve Berger of Shorewood was celebrating his 44th birthday at the country music festival where the gunman opened fire, and later died of the gunshot wounds he suffered.

You can help out his family by donating to this GoFundMe page

The latest from the investigation

The big question in all of this – why did Stephen Paddock do it? – has yet to be answered. 

This is despite weeks of investigations, which are still ongoing. 

There are some other mysteries surrounding the case, however. One is the ever-changing "timeline" of what happened, with police seeming to have finally settled on one version of events just a few days ago

But perhaps the strangest part of this case, other than the attacker's motive, is the apparent disappearance of Jesus Campos. He's the Mandalay Bay hotel security guard who was initially said to have helped bring the shooting to an end, reportedly suffering a gunshot wound in the process.

He was scheduled to share his experiences in TV interviews last week, but seems instead to have dropped off the face of the earth. 

And as the Los Angeles Times reports, there's now an armed guard posted outside Campos' house.

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