Minnesota man's e-cigarette explodes while charging


A Blaine woman says her husband's e-cigarette recently exploded while charging, Fox 9 reports.

Renae Leslie says the e-cigarette was plugged into Chris Leslie's computer when it started sparkling like a fountain firework before it "shot out like a missile."

An e-cigarette retailer in Ham Lake tells Fox 9 the incident isn't that uncommon.

Mike Swafford of the E-Cig Clubhouse says he hears about it happening "two to three times a week" and attributes the problems to batteries overcharging and overheating.

Swafford warns consumers against knock-off batteries, which could cause problems.

Last week, a Utah woman's 3-year-old son suffered first- and second-degree burns after she claimed her e-cigarette exploded in her car, Fox News reports.

The woman says the device was plugged into her car's charger when it exploded, shooting a hot copper coil flying across the vehicle into her son's car seat, which started on fire.

In one reported instance, an e-cigarette exploded in a Florida man's mouth.

CBS News says in February 2012 a faulty battery caused the device to blow up in the man's face, landing him in the hospital with severe burns. He also lost some front teeth and a chunk of his tongue.

Like many consumers, the man was reportedly using the device in an effort to quit smoking regular cigarettes.

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