Minnesota Marine posted at White House door


Millions of people watching coverage of the inauguration of President Barack Obama on Tuesday saw two Marines posted outside a White House door where the Obama family emerged for their trip over to the U.S. Capitol for his address.

Few would have given the pair a second thought, except the parents of Cpl. Adam Bernards, who was the taller Marine on the left, his excited mom and dad noted. The family is from Kasson, Minn., KTTC reported.

His mother, Cindy, said she recognized the 6'3" Marine posted at the White House door as she watched television coverage of the inauguration, KTTC reported. "But it doesn't look like Adam because he's standing so still. Because he's always been a mover and a shaker."

His father, Jeff, said he texted his son to find out how he knew to salute well before the president actually made his way out the door. But his son wouldn't disclose that secret, responding, 'Well we have eyes in the back of our heads, dad."

Cpl. Bernards volunteered for a posting at the White House Communications Center, and he has been there about a year, his parents said.

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