Minnesota mom gets Mother's Day surprise from the White House


With Mother's Day this weekend, most Minnesota moms can expect a "Happy Mother's Day" call. For a Coon Rapids mom, that call came early, but it was unexpectedly from the president of the United States.

Coon Rapids mom Stephanie Tarr received a personal call from President Barack Obama Wednesday. She was one of three moms he called to wish them a Happy Mother's Day.


It all started a few months ago, when Tarr wanted to teach her two sons to do good deeds. So on President's Day, her 9-year-old son Kenny wrote a letter to Obama, thanking him for his service, WCCO reports.

Tarr wrote a letter, too, expressing her support for free preschool. She also thanked Obama for raising the minimum wage, since she works as a waitress in Golden Valley, the Star Tribune reports.

On Tuesday the family was surprised to receive a package from the White House, with signed pictures of the first family and two letters from Obama.

The next day, Tarr received a call saying someone from the White House wanted to talk to her, but she had no idea it was going to be the president, according to the Star Tribune.

She was shocked when the call came through, and she heard Obama's voice.

FOX-9 reports Tarr spoke with Obama for almost five minutes, and her husband and 3-year-old son Kai also said hello.

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