Minnesota mother, son plead guilty to stealing gopher feet


A mother and son from Preston in southeastern Minnesota have pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $5,000 in frozen gopher feet and reselling them, the Rochester Post-Bulletin reports.

Tina Marie Garrison, 37, and Junior Lee Dillon, 19, both pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor counts of receiving stolen property.

Garrison originally pleaded not guilty in the case.

A criminal complaint filed May 2 says a gopher trapper contacted the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office in December 2012, claiming bags of frozen gopher feet were stolen from his freezer sometime between Nov. 23 and Dec. 5.

Garrison and Dillon were accused of selling gopher feet to Harmony Township for $3 per pair.

According to WCCO-TV, the owner contacted local townships and found that Dillon allegedly made $1,014 selling gopher feet in November, and another $3,780 in December.

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