Minnesota nurses set to picket Mayo clinic in Mankato


The Minnesota Nurses Association has filed a letter of intent to picket at Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato by the end of the month.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin got the news Friday, and reports that Minnesota Nurses Association executive director Jan Rabbers said the contract between nurses and the medical center in Mankato ends Sept. 30.

The union is in talks in Mankato, and with other Mayo Clinic Health System sites, but "Mankato is coming to a crossroads," Rabbers says, according to the Post-Bulletin.

The nurses are framing it as a patient-safety issue, saying that not only is there a nursing shortage on most shifts, but that nurses are overworked.

Mayo Clinic spokesman Bryan Anderson offered his view to MedCity News.

"At Mayo Clinic nurse staffing is based on the individual care needs of our patients," Anderson says. "Our model of staffing has proven to be successful in providing high-quality nursing care, enhanced patient satisfaction and nursing staff satisfaction without state-mandated ratios that do not consider the individual needs of patients."

The Minnesota nurses, of course, went on strike in 2010, which at the time ABC News called the "largest nursing strike in U.S. history."

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