Emotional ending: Minnesota runner helps fallen Boston marathoner cross finish line

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Social media is buzzing about four Boston marathoners – including a 47-year-old Minnesota man – who stopped to help a fallen runner make it across the finish line Monday – a highly emotional moment captured on cell phone cameras.

A series of tweets from Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery tells the story:

The Star Tribune reports that one of the assist runners was Mike Johnson (in yellow shirt), a philanthropic adviser from Stillwater, Minnesota.

Johnson, who the Star Tribune had profiled before the race, told the newspaper that as he neared the finish line, he ran up on two runners assisting the struggling runner. “I saw that his name was Adam on his bib, and I asked, ‘How are you doing?”

The man responded: I am going to finish, the Star Tribune reports.

The four runners carried Adam the final 100 yards, NBC's "Today Show" reports.

Johnson told the Star Tribune it was a struggle, but that they got a big boost from the cheering crowd, and upon reaching the finish line, Adam was able to walk across on his own.

The story has since been picked up by the likes of Fox News, the Washington Post, and USA Today.

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