Welcome home: Minnesota soldier meets new son, surprises daughter


It was a soldier surprise and a first meeting rolled into one emotional homecoming for a Minnesota soldier.

Staff Sgt. William Dullea returned home from Afghanistan after nearly a year of deployment to meet his newborn son, Jameson, FOX 9 reports.

Dullea's family, holding signs and wearing homemade T-shirts, tearfully hugged their father at the airport.

Dullea's wife told the news station that she knows he has to be gone because it's his job, but it's great to finally have him home.

After the airport greeting, Dullea surprised his 5-year-old daughter, Savannah, at school, FOX 9 says. Savannah, wearing red, white and blue ribbons in her hair, ran and jumped into her father's arms when she saw him.

Check out the video:


Soldiers returning home always warms the heart – and they never get old. Here are a few worth watching again: A soldier surprised his wife on her birthday at a Minnesota Wild game in March.

Just before Christmas last year, a soldier shocked his children when they found out the santa swimming in the fish tank at Mall of America was actually their father.

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The following video, which was recently posted on the blog, is of a soldier who surprised his wife and son at a baseball game in New Hampshire:

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