Family upset after teacher pocket dials, leaves 'strangle' voicemail


A Twin Cities teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after pocket dialing a student's mother and inadvertently leaving a voicemail.

In the March 11 voicemail, teacher Mimi Klane, who works for District 287, a specialized district that provides special education teachers to various Twin Cities school districts, can be heard saying: "I had to be here because otherwise I might strangle a student. ... These children should not be in school. This is public school, for God’s sake," according to WCCO.

Bree Pogodzinski, whose 6-year-old daughter is one of Klane's students at Fernbrook Elementary in Maple Grove, told the news station that she discovered the voicemail after she had spoken with Klane on the phone about her daughter's cochlear implant and an FM receiver that the school insisted her daguther wears, which Klane said her daughter intentionally broke.

Following the incident, Pogodzinski kept her daughter out of school for over a month.

Klane apologized through her union, saying the feelings she expressed "reflect a brief moment in time of heightened emotion on my part," WCCO reports.

It's not known how long Klane will remain on paid administrative leave. The district told WCCO that in her 15-year career, Klane has never received a complaint.


Pocket dialing is fairly common in a cell phone age, and on occasion, particularly regrettable messages end up in the headlines.

A Mountie in Nova Scotia apologized earlier this month after inadvertently leaving a woman a voicemail making light of her domestic assault complaint.

In March, Oprah pocket dialed herself sending out an incomprehensible tweet:

Suspects who accidentally dial 911 during criminal activity also have landed in the news recently. In April, an attempted burglary at a Maplewood, Minnesota, business went awry when the would-be burglar pocket dialed 911.

In 2013, an Arkansas man who was reportedly planning to kill a former employee, is behind bars after he butt-dialed his intended victim, revealing his plot.

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