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Minnesota teen gets surprise post-op ride home


A teenager from Linwood, Minn., got a nice surprise just in time for the Easter holiday weekend.

Donovan Bohn, 15, had surgery on Monday to correct a severe curvature of his spine, and he got a special ride home from the hospital, according to WCCO.

Bohn has been dealing with several health issues since birth, including his curved spine and a detached esophagus. He spent the first year of his life in intensive care, and has undergone 14 operations, FOX 9 reports.

His spine condition was so severe that his doctors said it was "on the border" of being inoperable.

But after the complicated surgery to insert rods and spacers in his spine, Bohn was able to walk out the door of Gillette Children's Hospital in St. Paul on Saturday, his spine straight and his height increased by two inches, said FOX 9.

That's where the special ride comes in.

The firefighters in his hometown heard about his stay at the hospital and drove up in a big red fire engine to give him a ride home.

“We've known Donovan since he was 5 years old, he's been through a lot of adversity," Linwood Fire Chief Darryl Ballman told FOX 9. "It's one way to brighten his day during this Easter weekend.”

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