Minnesota Tourism unveils updated, 'inviting yet humble' logo

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Minnesota's tourism department has a new logo, which officials say will encourage more people to visit the state. The agency unveiled the new look in a news release Tuesday.

Tourism director John Edman said the agency wanted to "modernize the look" of the logo. "Like our great state, the look is inviting and progressive, yet humble and grounded."

A Minneapolis-based design and branding agency, Little, developed the new logo. Little's associate creative director Ian Davies describes the design this way:

"The arch of the 'n,' which grows from the 'm,' invokes the feeling that there is always more to explore. ... that in Minnesota, every turn reveals something new."

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Davies added that the designers deliberately chose lowercase letters with "soft, rounded edges to reference the state's welcoming charm and easygoing spirit."

The old logo simply contained the words "Explore Minnesota," with "Minnesota" written in script.

Just a couple of weeks ago the department launched its largest ever ad campaign. Four ads featuring the slogan “Only in Minnesota” will reach television airwaves in six states that are new territory for the tourism agency (Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming).

Altogether, stations in 12 states and two Canadian provinces will run the ads, which feature plenty of scenes of Minnesota’s woods and lakes. There are also shots of restaurants and urban nightlife. Red Wing’s giant boot makes an appearance as does Austin’s Spam Museum. Find all of the ads here.

Tourism is a huge business in Minnesota, accounting for $12.5 billion in spending each year, according to to the tourism department. The agency hopes to turn that into $20 billion by the year 2020.

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