Minnesota trucker delivers baby in Denny's restaurant

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It was a fairly routine breakfast at a Denny's restaurant last November for Minnesota truck driver Fredrick Robatcek, until a pregnant woman came in and dropped her pants – to reveal that she was giving birth.

Robatcek, 56, of Sauk Rapids, immediately grasped the gravity of the emergency and leapt to her side, along with Canadian trucker Peter Holland.

The two quickly realized the baby was being choked by the umbilical cord. Robatcek called 911 and Holland pushed the baby back in just enough so he could manipulate the umbilical cord so the baby could breathe, the Truckload Carriers Association said in a press release.

"To see a woman with hardly any pants on in the restaurant at 5:30 in the morning, it's kind of a scary thing," Robatcek told the St. Cloud Times. "I knew this was going to happen within the next 10 minutes."

The woman, Kaycee Triana, had walked into the Arkansas restaurant to pick up her mother, who worked there, on the way to the hospital. But her mother was already headed to the hospital.

The mother made it, but her daughter didn't.

"I pushed one more time, the head came out, so I dropped my pants so other people would realize that it's here," Triana told Arkansas Matters.

Triana now credits the truckers with saving the life of her 10-pound, 4-ounce baby boy, whom she named Andrew.

The two also have been honored as Highway Angels by the Truckload Carriers Association for their quick thinking and willingness to help. The award recognizes truck drivers' good deeds as it aims to improve the public image of the trucking profession.

As for Robatcek, following the delivery, he told the St. Cloud Times, "I went back and had breakfast. That's what I went in there for."

Robatcek has since been in touch with Triana and her family, even visiting and taking them out to dinner, the paper says.

The Highway Angel award isn't the only accolade Robatcek has gotten recently. In February, Robatcek was named as one of the top 12 Professional Drivers for the state of Oklahoma in 2013.

Robatcek works for Oklahoma-based FTC Transportation, which is the core carrier for Feed The Children, an organization that makes deliveries related to disaster and hunger relief.

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