Minnesota vacation photo leads feds to child porn conviction


Northern Minnesota resort owners helped federal authorities break open a child pornography case and rescue a young girl from her abuser.

Mixed among pornographic images, investigators found a photo of the girl and her abuser holding up fish at a resort. It was labeled "Our Minnesota trip." Tourism officials recognized the resort, whose owner remembered the visitors. A Peoria, Illinois, woman is now serving a 25-year prison sentence.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials described the case as a component of an international child porn crackdown code-named Operation Sunflower. ICE says 123 sexually exploited children were identified in the operation.

At a Washington press conference, the director of ICE spoke about some of the ways exploitation of children has changed in the Internet age. Those changes include younger victims, more female abusers, and greater immediacy, even including live streaming of child abuse.

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