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Minnesota video company's lawsuit to refuse service to gay couples is dismissed

The husband-and-wife team sued over anti-discrimination laws.

A Minnesota video company's fight to refuse work on same-sex weddings was dealt a serious blow this week, when a federal court dismissed their lawsuit against the state.

However, the legal battle may be far from over.

The production company in question, St. Cloud-based Telescope Media Group, is run by the husband-and-wife team of Carl and Angel Larsen. 

They say Minnesota's Human Rights Act (MHRA) doesn't give them the option to decline filming requests for same-sex weddings, which goes against their Christian beliefs – and violates their First Amendment rights. 

Those were the grounds of their lawsuit, which was filed last year with the backing of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a major Christian legal advocacy group from Arizona. 

The suit was dismissed on Wednesday by the U.S. District Court of Minnesota, with the ruling knocking down pretty much all of the Larsens' arguments against the MHRA (you can read the court's decision right here). 

Telescope's position, said the judge in the ruling, is like a business putting up a “'White Applicants Only' sign."

Despite the defeat, ADF says the couple will appeal the dismissal to the federal 8th Circuit Appeals Court (the federal court that handles appellate cases for a big chunk of the Midwest). 

As the ADF points out, the Larsens face the possibility of fines, punitive damages of up to $25,000, and even jail time if they refuse to use their "artistic talents to promote same-sex marriages."

The organization put together a video about the Larsens and their business, which you can watch below:

The story has made national headlines, with outlets like the Washington Post and CNN both reporting on the lawsuit.

And there's even a Facebook group dedicated to boycotting Telescope Media Group.

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