Minnesota waitress brought to tears over generous tip

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A generous tip from a mystery customer brought a Little Falls waitress to tears.

Last Friday night Tori Dobis, 19, served a woman an order of french toast and a side of sausage, totaling $14.46, FOX 9 says. Dobis' love for her job and her bubbly personality must have caught the attention of that mystery customer, because she left a $200 tip on the order – for those interested in the math, that's about a 1,380 percent tip.

For comparison, the site iTipping.com suggests 15-20 percent of the total pre-tax bill for wait staff at a restaurant.

Dobis and many at the restaurant were stunned by the generosity. The manager even asked the customer three times if she meant to leave a $200 tip – and three times, the customer said "absolutely," according to FOX 9. The woman told the manager she recently got a new higher-paying job and wanted to share with the waitress who made her meal so enjoyable that night.

The tip brought Dobis to tears – she estimates $200 is more than a week's, possibly two, worth of tips, FOX 9 says. And she's going to use that money toward her studies to become a nurse.

"I started crying," she told FOX 9. "Really, I want to find this lady and hug her. Thank you."

Watch FOX 9's full report below.


This isn't the first time a Minnesotan in the service industry has been surprised by a tip. A waiter at Eagle Street Grille in St. Paul got a $500 tip from a man traveling the country spreading random acts of kindness. A Moorhead waitress got a $12,000 tip, which resulted in some questions by police, but eventually she got to keep the money.

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