Minnesota woman says she was held captive 6 months in Nevada

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A Minnesota woman says she used Facebook to prompt a rescue from a Nevada motel after being held captive six months by a former boyfriend.

Authorities in Nevada earlier this week said Jason Greniger, 34, was arrested Saturday at the MV Motel in Mesquite, a golfing and gambling resort town northeast of Las Vegas, Reuters reports. Greniger is an ex-felon from Minnesota, the Associated Press reports, and he is wanted on a fugitive warrant issued last July in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, in a felony child punishment case.

Sheena Herschbach, of Bovey in northeast Minnesota, said Greniger had allowed her to go to a nearby store for food and beer during the ordeal, but he threatened to kill her if she tried to escape.

“She had opportunities to contact police, it just took her six months to get the courage to do it,” an investigator told Reuters. “She legitimately believed that he would kill her, hurt her or hurt her family if she didn’t stay with him.”

Herschbach said that last weekend she took advantage of a rare opportunity when Greniger let her go to the library.

“He finally pushed me for the last time,” Herschbach told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I just said the heck with it. I went to the library, went online and talked to my sister.” He was arrested that night.

Herschbach told the Review-Journal that she had a long turbulent past with Greniger that included physical abuse. In the spring of 2012, she had obtained a protective order against Greniger, and she later moved to California.

But he followed her and persuaded her to take him back, she said. They had been on their way back to Minnesota but stopped in Nevada and got work there.

She said she had tried to leave him before but didn't have money to leave for good, and she feared what he might do to her family, she told the newspaper.

Two of Herschbach’s five children are with their biological father in Minnesota, Reuters notes. She had three other children with Greniger, who were put with foster families after Greniger was convicted in the child punishment case.

Herschbach said she was so out of touch with family during the ordeal that she did not know her mother, of Bovey, had died at age 61 in mid-December.

"I was already stressed out," she told FOX 5 in Las Vegas. "I then come to find out my mom passed away a month ago and it just put me down more. I wish I would have never listened to him to beg me to come back. It's not worth the pain."

Resources in Minnesota for women who feel like they are trapped in abusive relationships include the Domestic Abuse Project, which has several numbers, including a crisis line: 1.866.223.1111. The state of Minnesota has a number of resources. More organizations, listed by county, click here.

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