Minnesota women among those suing after birth control error led to pregnancies

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Minnesotans are among the 100-plus women who have filed a lawsuit against a drug company claiming they got pregnant because of a packaging error.

NPR reports that 117 women across the U.S. are suing Endo Pharmaceutical, the parent company of drugmaker Qualitest, saying their pregnancies were caused by a mistake in 2011 – claiming their placebo and hormone pills "were flipped 180 degrees."

The women claim the error changed their tablet program putting them at a higher risk of unplanned pregnancies as a result.

According to FOX 9, the lead plaintiff in the case is a woman from the Twin Cities, with two other metro area women among those named in the suit.

They are seeking "millions of dollars" in damages to cover the physical and emotional trauma they went through, as well as lost wages and child care expenses, the TV station notes.

According to the Associated Press, 113 women became pregnant as a result of the alleged error, of whom 94 gave birth.

It followed the recall in 2011 of some 500,000 blister packs after a customer in Iowa found the pills out of order.

NPR notes that brands recalled included Cyclafem, Emoquette, Gildess FE, Orsylthia and Previfem.

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