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Minnesota YouTube star asks question during Democratic Debate


His YouTube channel has millions of followers, he recently won a People's Choice award, and on Sunday night Minnesotan Connor Franta played a role in the Democratic Debate.

Franta, of La Crescent, was one of four YouTube stars selected to ask pre-recorded questions of candidates Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders at the debate broadcast by NBC.

"Getting my generation’s vote should be a priority for any presidential candidate," he said. "Now I know Senator Sanders is pretty popular among my peers. But what I want to know is how are all of you planning on engaging us further in this election?"

You can see Franta asking the question in the video below, and Hillary Clinton's response, in which she praised Franta for having so many followers.


FastCompany notes that Franta, described as a "lifestyle vlogger," has more than 5 million subscribers who tune in to his updates, and he has already published a New York Times bestselling book entitled "A Work in Progress."

BringMeTheNews wrote about him earlier this month, noting how his musings on everything from music, relationships, sex and family earned him a the People's Choice Award for Favorite YouTube Star, after gaining him more than 200 million views.


The candidates had their own responses for Franta, but The Washington Post on Sunday explained why his wish for better engagement between political leaders and the Millennial generation may not come to fruition anytime soon.

"Despite Franta's wish for more engagement," it wrote, "spending time on young voters usually isn't worth it. They don't vote."

"Young people don't vote as much -- so young people's issues aren't are prominent on the agenda of elected officials," it added.

You can check out Franta's YouTube channel here.

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