Minnesotan not guilty of UW-Stout student's murder, jury finds

The Saudi Arabia was studying in Wisconsin when he was killed.
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A Minneapolis man has been acquitted of the murder of a University of Wisconsin-Stout student, but was found guilty of aggravated battery.

Cullen Osburn, 28, of Washburn Avenue North, was charged with the murder of Saudi Arabia national Hussain Alnahdi, 24, who died from a brain injury following a fight in downtown Menomonie in October 2016.

Alnahdi was a student at UW-Stout, and Osburn was accused of punching him during the fight, with Alnahdi falling to the ground and suffering a brain injury that led to his death.

In court in Wisconsin on Tuesday, jurors found Osburn guilty of aggravated battery, but not guilty on the felony murder charges.


– Murder charges filed in killing of UW-Stout student.

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After the conviction was read out, Osburn said he wanted a retrial.

During the case, Osburn's defense attorney Christopher Zipko argued there was no evidence that Osburn punched Alnahdi, claiming as well that it was Alnahdi and his friends who were the aggressors.

Those involved were drunk as well, which meant witness testimonies were inconsistent and presented a challenge for jurors.

Prosecutors on the other hand argued that Osburn's decision to flee after the fight outside a Toppers Pizza, eventually being arrested more than two months later, was an indication of guilty.

Osburn will be sentenced on July 13, with aggravated battery carrying a sentence of up to 8 years in prison.

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