Minnesotans are better at getting a good night's sleep than other Americans


There must be something about the northern air that lends itself to a good night's sleep, as Minnesota has some of the best sleeping rates in the country.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says adults need at least seven hours of sleep every night for "optimal health and well-being."

On Thursday they released a survey that found 64.9 percent of American adults say they get the recommended amount of sleep. In Minnesota, 70.8 percent of people said they got at least seven hours.

This is the third highest rate in the nation, behind South Dakota (71.6 percent) and Colorado (71.5 percent).

Nationally, people over the age of 65 reported getting the most sleep, with 73.7 percent of those surveyed saying they get seven hours. Adults aged 18-24 get the second most, while those aged 35-44 get the least.

The study also found that white and Hispanic people sleep longer than black and American Indian people, and those with college degrees are more likely to get their seven hours compared to those without.

Why is getting 7 hours important?

According to the CDC, people who don't get enough sleep are more likely to have health problems and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Getting less than seven hours of sleep a night is associated with an increased risk for obesity, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and mental distress.

People who sleep longer are also less likely to smoke cigarettes, and exercise more regularly.

Lack of sleep also affects cognitive function, making people more susceptible to car crashes, industrial accidents, medical errors and a general loss of work productivity.

WebMD says it can also affect your sex drive, age your skin, and make you more forgetful.

The authors of "Freakonomics" did a podcast last summer entitled "The Economics of Sleep" – it asks whether a lack of sleep could also explain income gaps.

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