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Minnesotans head to polls in off-year Election Day


It's an off-year election, but Minnesotans across the state will be wearing 'I Voted' stickers as they head to the polls to select leaders to fill city, county and school board offices and to determine the fate of increasing funds for hundreds of school districts.

The race for mayor in the state's largest city has gotten much attention. The Minneapolis mayor's race, featuring 35 candidates, is the first major test of ranked choice voting. The Star Tribune reports that seven of the city's 13 council wards feature competitive races.

Another mayor's race that has garnered attention is in the east metro city of Maplewood. The Pioneer Press reported that the contest pits Nora Slawik, a longtime state legislator from the area, against previous mayor Diana Longrie. The current mayor, Will Rossbach, is stepping down after one term.

MPR reported that 76 of the state's 333 school districts are making levy requests on Tuesday's ballot. That number is typical for an off-year election. The referendums are concentrated more heavily in the metro area, where almost half of the districts have measures before voters.

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. With a few exceptions, anyone who is a U.S. citizen, is at least 18 years old and has lived in Minnesota for 20 days immediately before the election is eligible to vote. Those who are not registered to vote can register at their polling place.

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