Minnesotans react to Obama's gun control proposals


Minnesotans are giving mixed reactions to President Barack Obama's plan for curbing U.S. gun violence.

As part of a $500 million package unveiled Wednesday, Obama is urging Congress to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Obama also signed 23 executive actions that do not require congressional approval and include actions designed to improve access to data for background checks.

Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole takes issue with the proposals and says he considers any new federal regulation on guns to be illegal and says he will “refuse to carry it out.” Cole stands behind states' rights that he claims should supersede any attempts by an individual or the federal government to curb gun rights.

Andy Parrish, former deputy campaign manager for Minnesota for Marriage and current head of a conservative political action committee named A Stronger Minnesota, also takes a stand against the newly proposed gun measures.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has been a vocal supporter of tighter gun control measures and supports the actions taken Wednesday.

In St. Paul, Mayor Chris Coleman also stands behind the President.

"There is no single factor that will reduce gun violence in our communities. Mental health care and societal perceptions of gun violence are very real contributing factors and must be dealt with," Coleman said in a statement.

MPR explains where Minnesota's delegation stands on the issue.

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