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Minnesotans split as House votes to allow more federal borrowing


Minnesota's delegation was divided as the U.S. House approved a temporary increase in federal borrowing Wednesday.

The bill suspends the federal debt limit of $16.4 trillion. But that limit will take effect again on May 19th. The salaries of members of Congress will be contingent on each chamber passing a budget resolution before then.

The deal was put forth by House Republican leaders and was supported by dozens of moderate Democrats. Three of the eight House members from Minnesota opposed it. Republican Michele Bachmann, a steadfast critic of federal borrowing, issued a statement saying she could not support four months of unlimited borrowing without a cap on spending.

The state's two most liberal House Democrats, Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison, also voted against the measure. Ellison complained to MinnPost that the bill will allow the Republican majority to hold government functions hostage in the spring.

A story in the St. Cloud Times calls the bill a shift away from head-t0-head budget talks between House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama, which have failed in the past.

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