Minnesota's harsh flu season claims lives of 2 more children


Though this winter's brutal flu season has been slowing somewhat, the Minnesota Health Department is now reporting the deaths of two more children from influenza.

According to a weekly update on influenza and respiratory illness in Minnesota, two pediatric deaths (those under 18 years of age) were reported last week, bringing the season's death toll to eight children.

There is no information on the identities or locations of the two victims.

Officials have said they're seeing less of Influenza A H3, the bug responsible for most flu-related hospitalizations this season, but their new report suggests "Influenza B" activity is increasing.

However, the virus remains in the "Local" rank in terms of its severity, while the Health Department report shows the number of school outbreaks was well below fifty last week – that's down from a peak this season of about 300.

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