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Minnesota's IP to push for legalization of marijuana


Independence Party of Minnesota delegates have amended their platform to support the legalization, taxation and regulation of marijuana, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

Members of Minnesota's third major political party gathered at St. Cloud State University for an annual state convention on Saturday.

Medical marijuana advocates did not push the issue in the Legislature this year, even though nearly two-thirds of Minnesota voters support changing state law to allow marijuana use for patients with serious illnesses if doctors recommend it.

The Associated Press notes the Independence Party has had major-party status in Minnesota since governor Jesse Ventura was elected governor in 1998. Party officials hope to field a serious candidate for governor next year, but no definite candidates have come forward.

Delegates also re-elected Mark Jenkins of Maplewood to a second full term as state party chair, according to the party's website.

“The Independence Party is committed to building a more prosperous Minnesota for everyone,” said Jenkins. “I am honored for the opportunity to continue that effort, and I’m excited to get true problem solvers elected throughout the state.”

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