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Minnesota's one of the best states for a summer road trip, study says

Looks like you won't have to drive too far.

You really don't have to venture too far on your next summer road trip. That's because Minnesota has been named one of the best states for that.

This week, WalletHub released a study and named Minnesota the eighth best state for summer road tripping. That's based on things like cost, safety, and things to do.

To find and rank each state, researchers looked at a bunch of different things. Like for cost, they considered gas prices, tolls and lodging. For safety, they looked at crime, road deaths and the quality of roads. And for activities, researchers considered weather, nightlife and other attractions.

Minnesota came in at third place for lowest fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. We were 12th for most nightlife options per capita, and 13th for access to scenic byways (Wisconsin was way back at 46).

We ranked 15th for cheapest camping and 24th for number of attractions.

So what are the best states?

According to WalletHub's findings, the best states for summer road trips are out west: Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Those are followed by North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas and Nevada.

Then we have Minnesota at the eighth spot, followed by California and Colorado.

And the worst?

According to this study, the worst state to road trip to is Connecticut. That's followed by Rhode Island, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and North Dakota.

Wisconsin came in at 36th best, South Dakota was number 31, and Iowa was 29.

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