Minnesota's one of the top 10 tech states

Minnesota's making its way up the list of top tech states, and this year it broke into the top 10.
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Minnesota is one of the top 10 tech states according to the Milken Institute's 2016 State Technology and Science Index that was released Monday.

A news release says the Index has been conducted every two years since 2002. It looks at every state's science and technology capabilities and how those are used to build companies or create high-paying jobs.

Those factors were then broken up into five categories and each state was measured on them, with the highest possible total score being 100.

Minnesota came in at number seven. In 2014, the last time the Index was conducted, Minnesota was number 12.

The state scored 69.58 points, with the report saying Minnesota's jobs in science and technology were a major factor in the high ranking. In fact, Minnesota came in fourth best in the U.S. in that category.

"A focus on technology transfer from the University of Minnesota Venture Center has helped add to the creation of companies," the report states.

According to the study, the climb from number 12 to number seven in just two years is proof the state is "fast becoming a Midwestern leader in the tech world."

Minnesota is the only state in the Midwest to make the top 10. Illinois came in at 16, though, with Michigan at 18, and Wisconsin at 22.

As far as other tech states, Massachusetts has come out on top of this report with 83.67 points. It's been number one every single year since the report first started in 2002.

Next up are Colorado, Maryland, California and Washington.

Following the report, Gov. Mark Dayton issued a statement.

“This top ranking is a testament to the investments we have made in education and job training, and to the exceptional leadership of the science and technology businesses, who train and employ thousands of people across our State," Dayton said.

Another recent report by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce found Minnesota is a national leader in innovation. It found the state is fourth best for number of patents per capita and tenth best for concentration of STEM jobs.

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