Minnesota's Peltz quintuplets turn 10

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The crying 2- and 3-pound Peltz quintuplets of Prior Lake have grown into a team of 85-pound, bike-riding rambunctious boys.

On Thursday, the five celebrate their 10th birthday, and metro media this week have been dropping by to check on the family.

It's clear the quintet remains more than a handful for their parents, Christina and Eric Peltz.

"It's just very loud and chaotic – all the time," Christina Peltz tells WCCO. "They are never sitting still, these guys are always moving."

Austin, Blake, Clayton, Daniel and Ethan are now fourth-graders, and three of them are on the autism spectrum and take special education classes at school, the family told reporters.

KARE 11 spends some time with the family inside their home and found the definition of "controlled chaos." Days are busy for Christina managing the brood; husband Eric works two jobs, seven days a week, up to 80 hours.

The family has had a lot of help over the years, although many of the financial gifts they received in the first year have dried up. Christina Peltz told WCCO that she cherishes many of the friendships she has developed with people who stepped forward to help.

She still vividly remembers the moment she discovered she was pregnant with five.

"I was laying down for the ultra sound," she tells KARE 11. "So I was good. He was standing. He had to sit down," she said of her husband. "It's gone by way too fast. I keep telling them to stop growing because it's just going too fast."

KSTP interviewed the boys, who are now old enough to note the attention they get for being quintuplets.

"Everyone is always so interested once they find out, for some reason," Austin Peltz tells the station.

Quintuplets are rare. In Minnesota in 2012, there were no quadruplets or higher multiple births, and only 65 babies born as triplets, the Star Tribune reported.

Nationwide in 2012, there were just 45 births of quintuplets or other higher-order births, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Among the most high-profile multiple-birth sets in Minnesota were the Dunst quadruplets of Buffalo, born in 1993. They starred in the Lifetime series "Four of a Kind"

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