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Minnesota's worst drunk-driver is back behind bars

Danny Lee Bettcher has been convicted of his 28th DWI.

What's happening?

Danny Lee Bettcher, Minnesota's most prolific drunk-driver, is serving a prison sentence after being convicted of his 28th DWI.

His 28th?!

Yep – and that's just his 28th known offense as well. Records of his infractions only go back to 1980, so it's possible he had more before then.

KSTP reports that his latest DWI came after the 65 year old from Fergus Falls refused to submit a breath test after being pulled over in New York Mills in October.

He'll likely spend the next two years in prison, having been sentenced to a four-and-a-half year term for felony DWI, of which 131 days is time served.


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Thank goodness he's off our roads then?

Sure, for now – but there's every chance he could eventually be allowed to drive in Minnesota again.

Wait, what?

We went over this when Bettcher was first charged – Minnesota's DWI laws are such that even despite 27 DWIs and even felony convictions, he will eventually be allowed to get his license back.

Bettcher was legally allowed to drive when he was arrested in October, and under the guidelines below it looks like the longest he'll have his license canceled this time around will be six years.

All Bettcher will have to do to get it back is complete the following requirements.

• Follow recommendations in a chemical use assessment.

• Successfully complete chemical dependency treatment.

• Meeting other requirements such as having insurance, paying fees, passing knowledge and DWI tests, etc.

Bettcher's most recent license carried a "no alcohol/drugs" restriction on it, meaning that it could be canceled if he's found to be impaired by alcohol or drugs during the commission of ANY offense, not just driving violations.

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