Minnetonka middle schooler among Minnesotans heading to National Spelling Bee

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That's one of the words 12-year-old Max Meyer spelled correctly to earn his spot at the Scripps National Spelling Bee this May.

The Minnetonka Middle School student won in the 14th round of the Seven-County Metro Area Regional Spelling Bee Saturday by spelling "transenna" and "electrolyte" correctly, according to a news release.

He was one of 47 students, ranging from elementary school to junior high, from 47 schools competing in the regional spelling bee.

Max beat out last year's regional winner, 13-year-old Mark Kivimaki of Valley View Middle School in Edina. Mark was eliminated in the 13th round after misspelling "badigeon." He made it all the way to the final 46 at last year's National Spelling Bee, before being eliminated after misspelling "ananke."

Handful of Minnesotans heading to Washington

Max is among a handful of Minnesotans who won their regional spelling bees for a chance to compete at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. from May 24-29.

The other Minnesotans:

  • Ammy Lin, a seventh-grader at Forestview Middle School, win the 2015 Lakes Bee last week by spelling "benevolent" correctly, the Brainerd Dispatch reported.
  • Cade Klimek, an eighth-grader from Chisholm, won the Multi-Region State Spelling Bee in February by spelling "egomaniacal" correctly, the Mesabi Daily News said.
  • Christine Farnberg, an eighth-grader from Rochester, won the Southeast Regional Spelling Bee in February by spelling "Appalachian" correctly, Rochester Catholic Schools noted.
  • Briana Joseph, a fifth-grader at St. John Vianney School in Fairmont, took first place at the SCSC Regional Spelling Bee in Mankato last month by spelling "angstrom," the Fairmont Sentinel reported.

About 300 students in eighth grade or lower from all 50 states and some other countries will compete for the $30,000 cash prize at this year's bee. More details about who is competing in the National Spelling Bee is expected to be released in May.

Last year there were five Minnesotans among the 280 students who competed at the National Spelling Bee.

In the history of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, only one Minnesotan has been named champion. In 2001, Sean Conley, a 13 year old from Aitkin, spelled "succedaneum" correctly to be named the national champion, the event's website says.

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