MinnMed develops highly potent, anti-seizure medical marijuana


A Minnesota developer of medical marijuana has discovered a potent new strain that could be used as a more effective treatment for conditions such as epilepsy.

Minnesota Medical Solutions announced it has bred a cannabis strain that's particularly rich in cannabidiol (CBD) – which it says is used to treat seizures and inflammation.

Because CBD usually comes in lower doses in other varieties of cannabis, finding a new strain with high levels of CBD will make it easier for MinnMed to refine its products – and will make it cheaper for patients.

Named the Katelyn Faith strain, the Pioneer Press notes it has 34 times more CBD than most other medical marijuana,

"This is likely the most CBD-rich strain in the world, though it's difficult to know for sure because testing is not as rigorous and transparent as it should be," CEO Kyle Kingsley said at the company's facility in Otsego, according to the paper.

WCCO reports the new discovery could lead to a form of medical marijuana more effective at treating people who suffer from seizures or inflammation.

The higher concentration of CBD means the cost of producing CBD-rich medical products will fall, with "hundreds" of the new plants currently being grown in Otsego.

Medical marijuana, which was legalized this past July, has got off to a slow start in Minnesota. Health officials earlier this month expanded the conditions it could be used to treat to include patients with "intractable pain" – provided it can't be managed by other treatments.

The strain was named after Katelyn Faith Pauling, an 8-year-old girl from Montevideo whose campaigned with her parents for the legalization of medical cannabis, but passed away on March 20, 2015 after battling Battens Disease.

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