Update: Man charged with murder, accused of shooting teen after minor fender bender

They were arguing after a minor accident, and the man pulled out a gun.

The Essentials

1. Muhammed Rahim, 17, of Rochester was shot dead shortly after crashing his car into a ditch on East River Road in the northeast of the city on Sunday morning, then striking another vehicle while reversing out of it. 

2. Alexander Weiss is now charged with second-degree murder in connection with the teen's death. According to the charges filed Wednesday, Weiss, Rahim and a witness in Rahim's car got out of their cars and began yelling at each other.

3. Weiss returned to his vehicle to get his license and gun, went back to confronting the others. Rahim got close to Weiss – Weiss told police he was shoved, two witnesses dispute that. Weiss, his gun now out of his pocket, eventually shot Rahim at "point blank range" then called 911, according to the charges.

What Else You Should Know

Weiss, 25 years old, is also from Rochester. He was legally carrying his handgun, police have said. He told investigators he was worried for his safety while confronting the teens, which is why he went to his car to retrieve his gun.

"My friend got in his face, and then the guy we hit pulled a gun out," one of the passengers in Rahim's car, Noah Dukart, told KTTC. "And then my friend said, 'I dare you!' And he shot him right in the heart, watched him bleed out."

According to the charges, one witness heard Weiss just before shooting say say: “I f-----g dare you to do it.” 

Weiss told police Rahim spit in his face and tried to reach out and touch his gun, and before the shooting said, "That's not even a real gun.:

Nationally, road rage has been linked to a growing number of deaths.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's statistics for 2015, there were 476 fatal crashes on U.S. roadways that were linked to road rage.

This still represents a small 1.3 percent of total fatal crashes that year, but it's up from just 80 road rage-related deaths in 2006.

Meanwhile, there were 620 incidents of road rage involving a firearm in 2016, compared to just 247 in 2014, with 136 people killed in that three year period, according to gun violence nonprofit The Trace.

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