Missed the northern lights? An encore show may be headed our way


If you didn't catch the aurora borealis that produced so many striking images on Monday night (or even if you did), you may have a second chance Wednesday night.

Reuters reports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was expecting a storm caused by a solar flare earlier in the week to reach Earth Wednesday evening.

That could mean northern lights that are typically visible only near the arctic circle could again make an appearance in Minnesota.

NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center provides a projection of where the aurora should be visible, although a Wednesday evening update says the solar storm will not be as strong as originally forecast.

At FOX 9, meteorologist Steve Frazier expects gradually clearing skies over the Twin Cities. Isolated showers and thunderstorms were in the forecast in both northern and southern Minnesota.

Meanwhile, images from Monday night and Tuesday morning are getting passed around, including some that were taken by astronaut Scott Kelly aboard the International Space Station.

Dick Hutchinson of Circle, Alaska, has a page with plenty of tips for photographing the northern lights.

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