Missing Alexandria teen escaped captors, swam across a lake for help

Police say three men held the 15-year-old against her will for 29 days.

The 15-year-old Alexandria girl who was missing for nearly a month was found after making a dramatic escape when she was left alone by her three captors.

Jasmine Block went missing the night of Aug. 8 and was held for 29 days before she got away Tuesday afternoon, Alexandria police said during a news conference Wednesday.

Police said the teen escaped the three men when they left her alone at a Grant County home to get something to eat. She ran door to door and swam across part of Thompson Lake to a residential area, where she found a man who called 911. 

The three men suspected of holding her have been arrested and booked into Douglas County Jail. They haven't been formally charged. 

The kidnapping

Officials said on Aug. 8 the teen was approached by an acquaintance outside of her home. The man said he needed help with a family situation, and because she knew who he was, agreed to help. 

The man drove her back to his home in Carlos, where she was bound with zip ties.

Over the next few weeks, the man, his roommate and a friend "repeatedly assaulted" the 15-year-old and threatened her with weapons, police said. 

During the past week, the men took her to various places, including a cornfield and a foreclosed property in Grant County, police said. That's where Block escaped, with police noting Tuesday afternoon was the first time she'd been left alone in the past 29 days. 

Block was treated for "minor injuries" and has been reunited with her mom, police said Tuesday

The investigation into Block's disappearance lasted for nearly a month with no signs of the teen. At one point, the reward for information leading to Block’s recovery reached $7,000.

Alexandria Police Chief Rick Wyffels on Wednesday said the 15-year-old is "amazing" and has "a lot of strength."

It's still an active investigation

Officials say they're still learning about what happened, including where the teen was taken. 

Police are asking farmers in Pope, Grant and Douglas counties to check their cornfields for damage caused by a vehicle driving through them. 

They're also asking anglers to keep an eye out for Block's shoes and pants, which were lost as she swam across Thompson Lake. 

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