Missing kayaker's body found 4 months after he disappeared

What happened to Vue Her?

Authorities have recovered the body of a kayaker who went missing near a state park this summer. 

But what happened to the man is still a mystery.

Back in July, a dark green kayak was found abandoned on the Wisconsin side of the St. Croix River near Interstate State Park. A tackle box and keys were inside.

A vehicle was then located on the Minnesota side of the park, in Taylors Falls. Deputies discovered it belonged to 49-year-old Vue Her. His family filed a missing persons report with the Oakdale Police Department. 

As a search launched, Her's relatives pleaded with the public for help, describing him as a seasoned kayaker and a strong swimmer. Boat, ground and air teams combed the area, but Her remained missing.

Now, more than four months later, the search has closed.

Two hunters discovered Her's body on Tuesday while walking along the St. Croix River bottoms, the Polk County Sheriff said in a news release.

Though investigators were unable to locate any type of identifying information at the scene, the Midwest Medical Examiners Office in Anoka positively identified the body on Wednesday as Her.

The cause and manner of death remain under investigation.

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