Missing Oakdale woman's family living in anguish


The family of Danielle Jelinek, the 27-year-old Oakdale woman who has been missing since Dec. 9, has been living in anguish in a desperate search for answers, the Pioneer Press reports.

Her father, Ed Jelinek, at night calls her work and cell phone voice mail just to hear her voice, and he drives by the Chisago County site where she was last seen, the newspaper reports.

The family lives with the possibility that she might never be found and that no one will be held accountable – their "worst nightmare," her brother Cory Jelinek said.

Ed Jelinek said he had an angry confrontation with the man police call a person of interest in the case, Danielle Jelinek's on-again, off-again boyfriend, who was with her at his home the last time she was seen. Aaron Schnagl is being held on unrelated drug charges and Jelinek faced him at a recent court hearing, he told the Pioneer Press. "I got up and asked him where the hell she is," Ed Jelinek said. "I wanted him to see me."

Schnagl denies involvement in the disappearance and his lawyer says that Schnagl, too, is sad about it. He has not been charged in relation to the disappearance.

A $1,000 reward has been offered in the case. Search parties have combed the area around Schnagl's house, and a dive team searched a nearby lake but found no clues.

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