Mistaken identity sees MN twins arrested in Scotland over 'Django Unchained' quotes

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There was a case of mistaken identity in Scotland when two Minnesotan students were put on trial accused of using racist language on a train.

Twins Walker and Weston Romens, 20, have been on a student exchange at Stirling University from the University of North Dakota but appeared in court this week over the claims, CentralFM reports.

As it turns out, the case was thrown out in 20 minutes after it emerged that the pair had merely been sitting near a group of strangers who had been quoting lines from Quentin Tarantino's slavery-era western "Django Unchained."

The former Edina High School students spent 40 hours in police custody after being arrested for the slurs, which were overheard on a train between Glasgow and Stirling on January 31, according to The Scotsman.

A witness giving evidence in court said she heard a group of 10 men making racist comments, including several references to the N-word, which turned out to be from Tarantino's profanity-laden film.

It was eventually found that the twins were just sitting near the men making the comments, and when the witness could not confirm that the brothers had been making any of the remarks in question, it didn't take long for the case to be dismissed.

"It was insane. We weren't involved at all," Weston Romens told the Scotsman after the case ended. "There was this big group of people and we sat with them. We couldn’t understand half of what they were saying."

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