Mitt Romney 'glitter-bombed' at campaign stop in Twin Cities

Republican Mitt Romney's presidential campaign trail passed through Eagan Wednesday. In his warehouse appearance he took some shots at President Obama, ignored his Republican rivals, and got showered with glitter -- twice.

Protesters dumped glitter on Mitt Romney -- twice -- during his campaign stop in Eagan on Wednesday. But the Republican presidential hopeful took it in stride, calling it "confetti" to celebrate his win in the Florida caucus.

Nick Espinosa -- one of the activists involved and a man who has become well-known for showering politicians in glitter -- said the protest was meant to underscore Romney's support of the Mormon church, which Espinosa says is working to defeat same-sex marriage.

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The news network also captured some video:

As for his remarks, Romney focused on the economy and aimed his remarks at President Obama rather than his fellow Republicans. He also reiterated his support of automatic inflationary increases in the minimum wage.

The Boston Globe earlier published a report quoting anonymous sources who suggested Michele Bachmann might be about to endorse Romney. But Bachmann's team said that report was "completely false" and requested that the newspaper retract the story.

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Mitt Romney will visit Eagan on Wednesday

The Republican presidential hopeful will make a campaign stop in the Twin Cities suburb alongside Tim Pawlenty ahead of the Feb. 7 caucuses. His visit comes on the heels of rival Rick Santorum, who stopped in Luverne, Minn., on Monday.

Bachmann camp denies Mitt Romney endorsement rumor

The Boston Globe earlier quoted anonymous sources suggesting Michele Bachmann might soon endorse her former rival, Mitt Romney. But Bachmann's team said the report is "completely false" and asked the paper retract the article. Romney is making a campaign stop in the Twin Cities on Wednesday.

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VP Joe Biden schedules campaign stop in Minnesota

Vice President Joe Biden will reportedly visit the Twin Cities next Tuesday, two days ahead of Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney's planned fundraiser in the state on Thursday. Two people with knowledge of the visit tell MPR that Biden will hold a campaign rally in Minneapolis over the noon hour, and another in Rochester in the afternoon.

Romney creates VP app; likely picks on 'standby'

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign says you can be among the first to find out if former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is his choice for vice president – just download his free app. The campaign has created an iPhone and Android application to alert supporters when Romney makes his vice presidential pick.