MN baby names: Olivia and Emma still top girls, new leader among boys

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Olivia and Emma remained the most popular names for baby girls born in Minnesota during 2015, the state Health Department says.

But among boys, Jackson vaulted from 10th place the year before to top the list in 2015.

The Health Department listed only the top five most popular names for each gender on its Facebook page Tuesday.

Evelyn and Ava were also among the top five on 2014's list, but Nora surged in popularity from 11th to third among girls. She bumped Charlotte out of the top quintet.

On the boys side, Owen and Benjamin dropped out of the top five, replaced by the resurgent Jackson and Oliver. Henry, Liam, and William are holdovers, although they changed positions.

Nationally, the Social Security Administration tracks baby names and has top five lists going back a century, although they've not yet added 2015's results.

In 2014, Minnesota's choices of Olivia and Emma matched the country as a whole (although in reverse order). But the boys list was topped by Noah, a name that was the ninth most popular in Minnesota.

While Social Security doesn't have 2015 results yet, has a list that shows Emma and Olivia holding steady atop the girls side, while Liam edged Noah among boys

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