MN businessman charged in contract killing plot in Central America

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A Minnesotan is charged in what authorities say is a plot to have a business rival and three other people in Belize killed.

According to 7 News Belize, 58-year-old Bradley Paumen, who runs a tourist company in the Central American country, was taken into custody by Belize authorities earlier this month following a sting investigation in which investigators say the businessman attempted to hire a fellow American in a contract killing.

As the station tells it, Paumen – reportedly the owner of Dark Knight Cave Tubing, which is in an inland area known as Frank's Eddy – was in the middle of a dispute with a landowner who apparently wouldn't budge on a piece of property he wanted to buy.

WCCO says he pleaded not guilty to four counts of "abetment of murder," and that he may have already secured release from prison on bail.

The station says he is from Minneapolis.

According to The Reporter, a Belize publication, two more people have since been charged – Dark Knight's accountant, and a former employee.

The site says a gun registered to Paumen was found by a "Gang Suppression Unit" on "street gang turf" several days after he was remanded to prison.

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