MN college student writes touching open letter to emergency responders


"This job surely isn't easy—only the few and the brave can do it. It is the most rewarding job of all; there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than that of saving someone's life."

Those are the words of Karmen Clark, a sophomore at Bemidji State who recently wrote an inspiring open letter to emergency responders. You can read the full letter here.

Her writing sheds light on the important roles that paramedics, EMTs and ambulance drivers play in our community, which she says is often overlooked.

"I feel that the EMS community needs to know that we do see them, and that they indeed are appreciated more than words can say," Clark told BringMeTheNews Thursday.

The letter first appeared in The Odyssey, a site geared toward and written by millennials. It was published in the Bemidji Pioneer Wednesday, and also appeared in Hometown Focus.

"You are more than an 'everyday' hero; You are the angels sent to help heal the wounded and tend to the sick. You are the difference between life and death," it says.

Clark said her parents were her inspiration. Her dad is a firefighter and paramedic; her mom has been an EMT and is now a nurse.

"I have been around the EMS family my entire life and have seen and understand the demands of the job," she told BringMeTheNews.

Clark has a bit of EMT experience herself. As an explorer on an ambulance service in her hometown Breckenridge (on the border of North Dakota, near Wahpeton), Clark rode along on calls and received first responder training.

She is currently studying at Bemidji State in hopes of becoming a radiology technician.

Clark hopes that after reading her letter, people understand that these heroes deserve just as much gratitude and appreciation as any police officer, firefighter or soldier.

"They risk their lives every day trying to save others, and they see things most of us will never see or understand," she said. "They're called 'everyday heroes' for that reason, but they need to know they are so much more."

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