MN Congressional delegation mixed on, vexed by Syria


No surprise that of Minnesota's two Senators and eight members of Congress, there might be a little disagreement on what the U.S. needs to do - or not - about Syria. But the views don't necessarily fall along party lines.

What's that saying about strange bedfellows?

At least five members of Minnesota’s U.S. House delegation are calling for Congress to weigh in on whether a military strike is needed, reports Minnesota Public Radio.

Those who want President Obama to consult Congress on Syria come from the left and right – including Republican Michele Bachmann and Democrats Keith Ellison, Colin Peterson, Tim Walz and Rick Nolan, according to MPR.

WCCO-TV's Pat Kessler reports that Democrats Betty McCollum and Rick Nolan are joining Republican Michele Bachmann to oppose any military action.

Republican Erik Paulsen, with Democrats Colin Peterson and Tim Walz, say the president must get congressional approval before any military strike, according to Kessler.

At a State Fair radio appearance, Democratic Sen. Al Franken said there “are no good options.”

Earlier, BringMeTheNews reported that Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democratic, has not yet said definitively whether she would report military action.

WCCO also says Minnesota Rep. John Kline, a Republican, and a small group of congressional leaders met with President Obama Friday afternoon to discuss Syria.

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