MN hog farm workers in animal rights group's video will not be charged


A southwestern Minnesota prosecutor says his office will not press animal cruelty charges against a hog farm featured in undercover video an animal rights group released this summer.

The video from the group Last Chance for Animals appeared to show sick and injured sows at the Christensen Farms breeding facility in Luverne.

But in a letter to the Rock County sheriff's office – provided to the Associated Press and the Star Tribune – a prosecutor writes that the video would not be admissible in court and notes that an outside veterinarian who visited the farm found the animals appeared to be well cared for.

The reports quote assistant Rock County Attorney Jeffrey Haubrich as writing:

"The video and reports are obviously highly edited and filtered to enhance the position they are advocating and they lack the basic requirements for admissibility in court."

Last Chance for Animals' director of investigations Adam Wilson called the decision against filing charges a political one and told the AP the group had sent unedited videos to Rock County.

Christensen Farms, which is based in Sleepy Eye, is among the nation's largest pork producers. Its website says it operates more than 50 sow farms and feeds 15 million people.

The company suspended seven workers and launched an investigation after the Last Chance for Animals video was released in August.

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