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MN is the best state for working dads, report says

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Minnesota is a decent place to live if you're a working dad, says a recent study.

The state ranked number 1 in a report that analyzed which states have the most favorable conditions for working dads.

The study by WalletHub looked at 20 factors that influence economic and social well-being, work-life balance, child care and health. You can read the full report here.

Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Jersey took the rest of the top spots, and Wisconsin came in sixth. West Virginia, Alaska and Nevada ranked at the bottom of the list.

Here's a look at where Minnesota did well in the study.

Minnesotan Dads have the highest life expectancy in the U.S.:

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They're also among the most insured in the country:

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In addition, families with dads also have one of the highest median incomes:

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Ascan Koerner, a Communications professor and Director of the Career Readiness Pathway Initiative at the University of Minnesota's College of Liberal Arts is quoted in the report.

To achieve a better work-life balance, Koerner advises working fathers to allow their children's affection, growth and successes to feel rewarding.

"Once men can see their own value in terms other than the paycheck they receive, the tension they perceive between career advancement and family life will be lesser, resulting in greater work family balance," said Koerner.

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