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MN lawmakers are off this week – they'll have a lot to do when they get back

Lawmakers are on spring break for the Easter and Passover holidays.

When lawmakers get back from "spring break," they'll have a lot of work to do before their time is up and this legislative session ends.

The Minnesota Legislature is currently in recess for the Easter and Passover holidays, and they'll return to work at 8 a.m. Tuesday, April 18.

When they get back, they'll have five weeks to get everything done before the session ends on May 22. Lawmakers have passed more than a dozen bills that have been signed into law this year, but there is still some big stuff on the to-do list – like agreeing on and passing a two-year budget in the $46 billion range.

So what will happen?

Republican leaders of the House and Senate will meet to combine the budget bills each chamber has passed, which include tax and spending cuts, according to the Pioneer Press. They also plan to work with members of Gov. Mark Dayton's administration so they can craft budget bills he'll sign, Forum News Service says.

Last week, Dayton asked lawmakers to release budget numbers that "add up" before they can begin negotiations, Session Daily reports. (Dayton has accused lawmakers of "fuzzy" math that doesn't add up.)

The governor is concerned about some items in current bills, which he said would need to be changed in order to get his signature. Among them: adding more funding for Pre-K and additional money for public transportation, Session Daily notes.

For more details on what's happening with some other big issues in the Minnesota Legislature this year – including education, health care, construction, and spending – check out this breakdown by Forum News Service.

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