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MN man will stand trial in fishing feud stabbing along the St. Croix


A 19-year-old man will stand trial on charges of fatally stabbing an angler during a confrontation along the St. Croix River last week, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Levi Acre-Kendall of Cambridge, Minnesota, was charged last week with first-degree reckless homicide in the death of 34-year-old Peter Kelly following a confrontation that started on opposite sides of the St. Croix River at Interstate Park, where they were both fishing with friends April 14.

Acre-Kendall's attorney argued Wednesday in Polk County, Wisconsin, Circuit Court that he was acting in self defense so the case should be dismissed, FOX 9 reports, but the judge ruled in favor of the prosecution.

There are differing accounts on what led to Kelly being fatally stabbed in the chest.

Acre-Kendall's friends who were with him that night say Kelly tried to pull him out of a car window before he was stabbed, the Star Tribune says.

Kelly's friend Ross Lechman told investigators they went to the Wisconsin side of the river and the confrontation continued. Lechman pushed Acre-Kendall to the ground, the Star Tribune notes, and Kelly was eventually stabbed.

Lechman has said he was looking at Acre-Kendall's friends, not Kelly, when he was stabbed, The Sun reported.

Investigators say they found the knife they believe was used in the stabbing from Acre-Kendall's home, FOX 9 says.

A fund has been set up for Kelly's family, includng his wife and five children who are all under the age of 9. In just seven days, the fund raised more than $94,000 of its $100,000 goal.

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