MN medical marijuana firm is cutting prices to boost access to the drug

Some products will be 50 percent cheaper.
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The price of medical marijuana is going down, at least at one Minnesota company.

The prices on more than two dozen medical marijuana products sold by Minnesota Medical Solutions (MinnMed) are now 8-68 percent cheaper, the company announced Monday.

Since medical marijuana became legal in Minnesota in 2015, the program has been criticized for how much it costs. Most insurance companies don't cover the drug, so qualifying patients have to pay for it all themselves. And this has prevented some people from buying it, a report by the Minnesota Department of Health found.

Both MinnMed and LeafLine Labs (the other company that is licensed to manufacture and sell medical marijuana) offer discounts for low-income patients, and MinnMed's announcement Monday is expected to help even more patients with the financial burden.

"It pains me any time I learn of an individual who qualifies for medical cannabis but cannot afford to purchase these medications. The impetus for today’s decision to reduce prices is to improve patient access by making cannabis medicines significantly more affordable to Minnesotans struggling with life-threatening and debilitating conditions," Dr. Kyle Kingsley, CEO of MinnMed, said in a statement.

The price reductions affect a variety of products, including MinnMed's "starter packages," so most of the more than 4,000 patients who are registered with the state's medical marijuana program will be able to benefit from the discounts.

Here's a look at the discounts (which don't include the low-income and military discounts the company offers):

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